Why do the exboyfriend still gets in touch after the bad break up?

I had a wonderful relationship of almost two years. Everything is great. Ofcourse, the relationship was not perfect but we strived to work things out. But some time this 2nd week of december2014. I caught him texting someone while we were out Christmas shopping. So I confronted him crying, what was that all about and he did not deny it. He said he was sorry, he needed this. His relatives set him up (blond date) with a girl from the USA and that he doesn't want to lose this chance to go the USA. This will be his chance to get out of poverty and he will have a brighter future with her. We talked for two days since I was breakin down with the decision he made. I know he already made up his mind and there is nothing I can do to make him stay. It was a painful break up coz he said i was the one he loves so dearly but he needs this. We finalize the break up Dec13,2014. I never heard from him until the 19th. He texted me if to meet up and that he loves me and he misses me but I neer reploed and showed up. He went to meet the girl, and before I knew it he unfriend me and all pur common friends in Facebook coz he already started uploading of their pictures together just few days after and that was the holidays. To cut the story short, they are now officially together. Came January 19, 2015 when the girl left for the states. He came at my door with gifts and asking me to see him again but i never opened the doors nor responded to his calls n texts. To cut the story short he still keeps on sending me messages up to now. And i know the fact that he is preparin things for the future plans with the new girl. I am so hurt... Please i need you advice why he is doing these things?
Need help... He choose opportunity over love. Is that possible?
Guys is that so easy to let go of a 2-year relationship?


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  • This is about loneliness and sex
    while the cat's away this mouse will play

    • Hmmm he barely know the girl. He just met her but he is pursuing her to grab the opportunity... That is according to him.

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