Just dated a big douche bag ; how to get over this asshole?

he apparently never added me on Facebook but we did try to date after hooking up. had been seeing each other before then.
he didn't give me enough space to be honest and things went out of bound.
first i wanted to define the relationship before hooking up. after that, he began making a lot of mistakes with me.
i would assume if he's older, he would know better. apparently he did drugs, partied, d rinks all the time, his family has a cop and a drug dealer in one household, he rushes people into these events, he had broken up with a girl with a kid b/c he didn't want the kid to be in his life and said sex was amazing with her, he kept pushing for sex and admitted he was physically attracted to me, he wronged me by stating a bunch of hurtful things, he's old, and doesn't back off when you tell him to, he isn't spiritual, he didn't get to know me as a person, he just wanted himself to look better maybe out of guilt, he also said he didn't like the fact that i'm poor. how do you move on from a jerk like this? he also admitted he's 'complicated' and made a mess for others. never visiting me when i was sick but only planning to go out n have fun. not sure if he really helped with anything in my life except cost me time and cause stress. he was always taking me to casinos, clubs, high end restaurants, but asked me to sell his things online (which i never did), i ended the relationship while he 'apologized' and said he was 'sad'. very messed up situation. i saw counselling but instead just staying busy n being with my female coworkers/ friends instead. what else can i do to forget this douche bag?


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  • I would suggest counseling. He sounds like a real winner. You also need to determine why you were attracted to this loser before you establish a pattern...


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  • Time will heal you, he was mean to you and doesn't even deserve to have you thinking about him

  • Sounds like a decent guy to me.


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