How to get over a loser ex bf?

i got rid of an ex or tried to 3 times last year. he's bitter n goign around saying he 'cared so much'
i got tired of driving him around, getting him coffee, food and clothes. while his parents didn't give a single fuck but cause me so much mental stress.
he keept following me and saying he 'loved me' and that he'll 'help me ' in the future
meanwhile his buds are being jerks. saying im too ''old' and this is after i helped him with 2-3000 dollars at least in a year with foodn gas money. he at times 'helped' me by giving me a ride to places, but seriously the relationship was not what i wanted in a partner.
how do you deal with them bad mouhting you, and wanting to move on?


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  • I can't help you with the bad mouthing part except to encourage you to cultivate thicker skin. As for getting over him, reread your question several times a day. All the reasons you gave are very cogent.


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