Should I wish my ex happy birthday? or should I move on?

We broke up 3 months back. Then we maintained no contact. During no contact he kept stalking me on fb and whatsapp and i know this because he used to copy paste same exact status as mine, and he used to type on whatsapp and delete. Anyways so 3 weeks back he deactivated fb, hid his last login pic and everything on whatsapp. So last week i tried to contact him i called him first and it went directly to voicemail. Then i messaged him on whatsapp saying hi how are you he came online saw those messages and blocked me. Next thing i know he blocked me everywhere imsg, iphone etc. Anyways so next week its his bday. I was wondering if I should wish him happy birthday maybe use those fake number apps? do you guys think its worth it? I do love him a lot. What should i do?
  • Yeah, wish him:)
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  • Forget it! move on!!!
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  • Who broke up with who?

    • he broke up with me because his parents didn't like the way i look (coz i am short) which i think he BS.

    • Another question, when he deactivated his Facebook, was it a random decision by him or did you message him on Facebook and then it was deactivated? Be honest.

      This sounds very similar to what's happening to me right now.

    • he deactivated fb 3 weeks back after that he stopped stalking me. He hid his last login, pic and everything on whatsapp. After that last week i contacted him coz i would never see him online. So then i called him and he didn't pick so i texted him on whatsapp he came online then and read it but never replied and next time when i texted my msgs did not go through and i knew i was blocked because i saw his number through my friends whatsapp he showed online there but not on my phone. :(

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  • you both sound a little nuts..

    either get back together or move on. stop with the stupid cyber stalking.

    • i tried to get back he blocked me completely!

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  • I think him blocking you should tell you that he doesn't want your contact.

  • No. You shouldn't,


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