Liking someone that has major ex issues? Any advice on what I should do?

This is girl and I went on a date. We laughed had a good time. Well she doesn't respond to text messages which is a red flag. She's pretty, smart, fun, etc. Well I assked her why she wasn't interested in someone at the moment responded with this, "sometimes it's hard to even accept a date with someone, cause I don't know. The thought of him makes me uncomfortable and finding someone like him again would be a curse. Like no joke, loved the kid but Jesus he was too much." They broke up because he wanted another woman, he didn't get her so now he finds ways to contact her even after she blocked him on all social networking sites.

I have interest in her but I was told to never date someone with ex issues because they usually go back to them. They broke up in November after 2 years. I'm thinking about cutting my losses and trying different options because she doesn't seem like she's truly interested. what do you guys think? Do you think I should keep trying or just leave it at that?


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