Do guys regret breaking up?

What are the chances an ex boyfriend who broke up with a girl because says he's lost feelings (due to not wanting to be tied down, wanting to be a guy and have that freedom) realize he misses you and regret it?


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  • When you're the one breaking up, it's always something you question in the back of your mind. Maybe not at first, but down the road.

    • Down the road that he'll question if he did the right thing?

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    • Yeah, I assumed that was why you were asking this.

      But yeah, down the road he'll probably think of that. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean he'll change his mind.

    • yeah of course, definitely doesn't mean he'll change his mind, but even for someone who says they've lost feelings, they'll still question?

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  • Honestly the chances are slim to none but it does happen, some guys do feel regret when they break up with a girl.

    • What if they contacted 2 months post breakup? We continued talking for a month and there were times he initiated and times I initiated. Conversations ranged from casual friendly convos to talking like we used to, to a couple drunk messages (not for a quick hookup as we live far from each other) to have a convo?

      Weird thing is, we stoppe talking and we both stopped initiating and haven't talked for two weeks now :/

    • It's possible, it sounds like he might still like you. I'm not sure, anything else?

    • Ever since our last convo 2 weeks ago, we haven't talked. I don't know, in the back of my mind it seems like we both refuse to initiate cause of our ego but I could be wrong. Seems weird cause that day he started the convo and ever since he hasn't, even doesn't text the ocassional drunk message lol

  • You are not gonna believe it...

    Guys are humans and have a heart!

    ... shocker i know! :)

  • if i felt locked down i wouldn't even think of looking back relationships are ment to make each other feel happier and free


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