He "doesn't know what's going to happen now"?

Got in an argument with my bf this weekend. He texted me back today telling me why he was still upset with me. I left a voicemail this evening telling him I was sorry. He texted me that there was nothing to talk about, he doesn't know what's going to happen now. I asked that we at least get our stuff from each other. He said, "you're stuff took up no space at all so that's not a problem. I'll keep your bag in my Jeep." I still have his hoodie. I suppose when he's in town we'll trade up.

So what do you think he means by "not sure what's going to happen now"? I foresee breaking up ahead, which would be best. At this point I just want my stuff back.


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  • It may be anything Don't get into conclusion without clarifying it because i foresee Valentine's day is too coming. If u need him go ahead and pull him back probably u know how to do it. But if u need break up talk with him straightly, smoothly end it peacefully.

  • I thought y'all had already agreed to break up? Or you were going to?

    I think a long talk is in order and the record needs to be set straight.

  • In a perfect world what do you want to happen


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