Dont want to, but kinda do... for closure?

Almost a year a go me and my ex broke up. But I never got any reason why, I didn't get any type of closure. The way the break up went I really don't wanna talk to that person, but the fact that I didn't get any closure has that person on my mind. What would you guys do if y'all was in my situation? (Please be mature about it)


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  • My ex broke up with me without giving me any closure. He said the relationship was to hard. But I was like, "What's so hard about it when you didn't even do anything." He never really gave me a reason why. So I just went about my life and moved on. I agree with @Dragonfly23 sometimes you just have to make your own closure. If it was meant to be it would've been. Try to move on somehow and just leave it in the past don't think about it so much.


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  • Sometimes you have to make your own closure. That's how my break up was, and I eventually just had to say "Screw it. I'll never know why this person did this, but I don't care anymore."

    • I think I'm gonna get to that point real soon. Thanks for the response.

  • Honestly, let's be real: you won't get closure. Why? Because A: You don't want to know your ex's reason for leaving, because it's going to reveal their most negative thoughts about you and make you feel like shit. B: She wouldn't likely tell you the truth anyways. We have a way of sugar coating everything and making it more about us rather than being honest.

    You can't rely on someone else to make you feel okay because nothing they could say really could, not realistically. You have to just tell yourself that the reason it didn't work out was for a single reason only: you two weren't compatible/meant to be.

    • Course with my pride i wasn't gonna go back and talk to her and let that shit go. But that sugar coat and revealing the negative thoughts parts I never thought about, so thanks for the info.

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