How do u get over an absolute douche bag?

before i was ready to have sex with this guy, we did so. i wasn't comfortable with it and din't want to talk to him. he said it was 'ok' or 'normal'
i should have walked away from him then. he talks a lot about his 50 000 in his bank account, n his family who has a criminal who makes a lot of money, he says he dumped this girl for being drunk all the time, he uses people for sex and pleasure, he even said 'thanks for your company' at the end of the break up that i initiated, he's been in 2 long term relationships that failed, he said that other women used him for money, also is renting a place with a guy cheating on his gf, his buddy cheats on his wife, and he said his relationship life is complicated, he only went to school recently after partying and drinking, he's 38 and he says he's old now and wants to have a family. he kept wanting sex with me and i felt pressured to be with him after that, after breaking up with him, he's backed off. and i don't see him anywhere near the places we use to hang out which is nice. but yeah. what would you do?


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  • Just look at it as you don't need someone like him in your life you can do way better. Trust me there is someone out there for you, just look at it this way at least you don't have to put up with someone like him. He sounds horrible I would be hurt if I was treated like that, but I would just move on. You are so young you have plenty of time k

  • What's the problem of he's a loser and you don't see him?


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