What can I do to forget my ex?

Valentine's day is coming and i feel so sad cuz i miss my ex i need to forget him i thought he still had feelings for me cuz he invited me to his friends party 2 weeks ago but i realized he is not anymore he broke up with me 1 month ago


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  • It'll be a bit, but you'll move on. Forgetting won't happen. Ever. But you're feelings will subside, you'll feel like you again (fantastic feeling once you get over the heartbreak), and you'll be able to find someone new.

    Also, there are a bunch of single guys out there who would love a date for Valentine's Day. Go to a bar or a club or do something that puts you around other single people - not to try and make something of it, but just to have fun.


What Girls Said 1

  • Try to talk to other guys and u are better than him so don't let him pull u down he is t worth it.