I am asking again ladies, need more advice?

I posted the other day that I want to send a gift anonymously to my ex of 4 months ago, she dumped me for spiritual reasons (so she said) we had a great time together, never once had an argument in 13 months we got on amazing. its over now and I don't need her but I simply want to be with her. I will not send a card with this gift and it will not be personal so that she will know its me, I just want her to keep guessing and maybe think of me, I will send this before Valentine's day... not on it. what do you think?


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  • Well I don't think it will hurt anything, I got to be honest though if you guys got along fine her dumping you for spiritual reasons seems like a cop out to me. As I don't know more that all I can really say about it.

    Also good luck and I hope you find happiness.

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day