Are we broken up? Will I ever see my bag back?

My boyfriend flipped out over an honest misunderstanding after he dropped our plans on a Friday night. I said sorry multiple times over text and voicemail. He refuses to talk to me. He texted me saying that there's nothing to talk about, I texted him asking to switch our stuff back sometime, he replied we can switch it back whenever & that he'll keep my bag in his Jeep.
Does this mean we're pretty much over? Personally I think it's about time...

And I had a really nice pair of sweats in that bag. Can I kiss my duffle bag goodbye?


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  • Just ask for it back. Or go to his place and get it back!


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's your property o_O
    just get it back

    It doesn't matter if it's inside his.
    A stolen cd is still the other person's. .. just in a different location

    • What should I text him?

    • Maybe "when do you want your hoodie back?" would that give the hint?

    • "I want my bag back then, it's my property"

      No need for hints, just be direct :3

What Girls Said 1

  • I mean it's your personal property so take initiative and go get your property from him.

    • True... but then again it's inside HIS personal property, in which the owner wants no speech between us. So kind of a null.

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