Ex girlfriend of 4 years moves on in less than 2 weeks?

Ok, so my ex and I were together for 4 years. We were each others first. She left me 2 years ago saying she wasn’t happy, got a new boyfriend within a month, and then two months later contacts me saying she’s sorry and wants to get back together. I love her so much so I accept. We try again.

Fast forward to eight months ago and I do some stupid things but we decide to work it out. Then in September we had a fight and she decides she wants to break up. She had just told me the month before how she had a “gut feeling about us since the day we met”, that we would last forever. She then goes and starts dating another guy within a week.

After about 1 month and a half I contact her and we start talking again. We say that we love each other. Text from morning til night, kiss, everything. However I did say I wanted to take it slow so we don’t rush into things again. She agrees. I found out that she kept my love note that came with the flowers I sent her when we broke up recently in the box where she keeps the watch I bought for her last Christmas.
Anyway, 3 weeks after we start talking she does a complete 180 and says she wants to break up for good this time. I ask her how she could go from loving me and wanting to try again to wanting to break up. She doesn’t give me an answer.

2 weeks later I see her at an event holding hands with another guy. Not the same guy from 2 months ago. Breaks my heart.
We are neighbors so 2 weeks after that I see this guy with her and her family. She's already brought him home to meet her family. Then in the start of January I find out that they went on a vacation together. Her new boyfriend posts a collage of pictures of them together happy and on vacation as his Facebook cover.

I can’t understand how she can move on so fast while I’m still feeling like a wreck everyday. Can someone tell me how she moved on so quickly?


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  • It usually takes people half the time they dated someone to get over them. I've liked this guy for 4 years its been almost a year since we broke up but I'm still not over en


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