How to forget and move on?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me on New Years Eve cos he felt he needed space and didn't want the relationship anymore. It completely broke my heart as i was with him for 7 months and i enjoyed all the times we had. I didn't see it coming! During the last month I've been doing my best to take my mind off it by focusing on myself, working, seeing friends and having fun. But he hasn't been making it easy for me as he was sending me messages that were very mixed and it sounded like he wanted me back but i found out he didn't. So now I've cut him out of my life for good, blocked him from social network and his numbers! From him doing this to me it has hurt me even more and its brought all the emotions back up! Im getting myself down thinking that im never going to find someone else or i should give up. How can i stop thinking about him and move on completely? I want to be happy again without having my ex on my mind!


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  • You will find someone better. It will take a week


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