How do you lose feelings overnight?

My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago. We had been together about three months and he told me "he felt like things had been fading, it's been bothering me for awhile, and now isn't a good time for a relationship"

But what confuses me is he didn't act distant at all. The day before we were with his family and things were going great and he was telling me he loved me and all and we were talking about the future then the next day he just leaves me out the blue.

I have depression & anxiety, and he has anger & impulse problems and someone suggested our problems were too much for us to be good together but I don't know. I also found out that his mom had told my mom that he had been molested when he was younger and my mom things that could have something to do with why he left me but I don't know.

But anyway I just don't understand this at all when he wasn't even distant and he was telling me he loved me so much the day before, and now he's just gone. I haven't heard from him in over a week.


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  • I agree something mental with the brain can make one snap in a minute
    for example a person walks around all smiles and the next day their dead
    due to suicide so you see what i mean? That's what causes one to lose
    their feelings for someone overnight and you can't blame yourself.


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  • my ex Did the same sh... to me we were with his family the day before he broke up with me n he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship I don't know why guys are like that but try to forget him go out with ur friends find a new hobby thats what im doing he is not worth it u better than him u deserve better

    • Ugh ik it's just hard like I miss him but I'm focusing on me now but yeah we were with them before and he was saying I love you then the next day he dumps me. then I found out the next day his best friend and his girlfriends broke up and he tried getting with her then her and her bf got back together so now his now ex best friend wants to beat his ass. it's just annoying like wtf I was always good to you what could of happened to make you stop loving me and find someone new overnight

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  • The mask that a person wears to show the world is often not what is under the skin.

  • For certain mentally ill people, they can change instantly...


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