I don't love him anymore but I don't have the courage. What do you think?

We've been together 4 years and have a 9 month baby girl he used to be depressed but now depression has worsen his seizures too i grew up and apart he loves me deeply but I am no longer in love with him. I haven't had the courage to break up because he's mentioned before that he's only still here because he has us but that he's truly over life. I don't want to feel any guilt or regret in y future.


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  • In remaining silent about your feelings, you are doing both him and yourself a disservice by projecting someone you no longer are.

    You are not responsible for his happiness, nor is he of yours. And you do not have to be with him... to be there for him, to support him, and see him through his depression.

    Sure, staying with him will likely benefit him, but if your feelings for him remain as they are, the benefits will possibly be transitory. And you, you will likely start to resent being with him. Which he'll ultimately pick up on. Thus, worsening his depression.

    Help him by being honest with him.


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  • People go through ebbs and flows in relationships though. People aren't always in love and warm and fuzzy about their partner after a few years but they stay together.


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