What was the point of breaking up?

This guy I dated started out this morning texting as normal. Being "lovey dovey" and all. Towards the middle, he starts to talk about this other girl and how he knew her before me and all. He started changing his kik name to her name and from there I decided to break up. He then threaten suicide and self harm but continues to message me about talking to him from kik to my phone number. I ignored no matter how much it hurts, I'm too young for dates anyways being 16 but I'm curious. Why would you seemingly hint break up but feign for my attention? Thank you in advance!


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  • Agree, you sound way better if without him... if anyone uses guilt manipulation or plays these games, do yourself a massive favour and walk away , don't look back


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  • To make you jealous because he wants your attention. The entire thing sounds like he just wants to make you jealous.

    Also if someone threatens suicide you should know your relationship just became abusive, even if he has never hurt you. Threatening to hurt himself to make you stay with him is what is considered a toxic relationship. You are better off without him


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