Will no contact rule work? Help please?

So I have been with my boyfriend for 11 months , we got into a little fight , he called me up saying we should take a break. I agreed. I just felt like he wasn't upset he even took it off Facebook and also changed his picture of us to just him. So I thought it was over.
The next day I receive a text saying
"Hi" then the following day another text saying something random that really didn't matter.. I ignored both texts , do those texts mean he misses me or regrets it? Should I keep ignoring him ( the no contact rule ) will ignoring him make him want more


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  • Talk about it with him... games get relationships no where


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  • I think you should answer him because he will get tired of it and might do the same thing to you, and how would that make you feel? I tired ignoring my ex all the time when I was upset and he got tired of it real quick and he became distant maybe thats why he is my ex.

    But if you truly care about him you will answer his text and see where you guys stand.


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  • I would say ignore him for only a little while then talk things over and work it out. Don't ignore him too long or else he might get tired of waiting and just try to move on from you


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