GUYS how do you feel after you break up with your girlfriend?

Is it hard for you to break up and do you think about her after. Do you feel bad if you break her heart?


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  • It'd depend how close we got, and the circumstances of the breakup. I know guys who dated crazy people and were only too glad to get away from them.

    I've only ever been in one relationship (met online, long distance, currently ongoing, have yet to meet in person), but if we broke... it would probably be due to outside family pressure at this stage. I'd feel horrible for admitting how I felt in the first place, for getting her hopes up, for hurting her. I want nothing more than for her to be happy, to see her succeed in school and her career beyond.

    We've only had one fight, stemming from a miscommunication more than anything. I didn't get any sleep at all that night. If that's any indication, I'm guessing I'd be going through a period of serious self-loathing if the break was because of something I did. If it wasn't anyone's fault, I'd still have my regrets, but I'd hope she could go on to find a better man.

    I never so much as kissed a woman my entire life up to this point (still haven't, technically - our first meeting is still months away). I questioned if I would ever find love. If nothing else, she at least has shown me it is possible.

    Thank God this is just speculative right now is all I'll say. Despite schedule conflicts making it difficult to communicate regularly these last few weeks, things have been going well. We'll just wait and see. :)


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  • Relieved usually.


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  • I Never broke up girls hearts...


  • I broke up five months ago. I was in a relationship with the girl for three years. I was a wreck. So yeah...

  • Depends entirely on my reasons for ending it.

    • Lets say she was too needy and kept questioning if you wanted to be with her, but she also loved you very much.

    • I'd probably feel shitty that she's hurt and I'm the cause, because in that case I would have cared for her, but just couldn't take the stress of having to constantly reassure her.

      And at the same time, I'd be relieved to not have that stress weighing on me anymore.

  • Yeah it feels like shit and I try and find a new girl to make the pain go away and believe me it does.

    Most of the time, it's the girl who breaks the heart


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