Guys was it my fault he broke up with me?

When my ex boyfriend went back to work he started to become distant like texting less so I started to question whether he wanted to be with me, and he would always say he did. But I asked for 3 rd time in 2 weeks and I asked if he how he felt about me and where I fit into his life and if his feeling changed. He just said he didn't know and that our lives are on two different paths. So I took it as if he was breaking up with me and said goodbye, but asked "did you love me" and he said "I did love you and still do" and I told him then why are you letting me go and he said "no I'm not you are duh" So I told him I still wanted to be with him but if he didn't I would understand, he said can I have time to think.

So two days later he texts me "I have to get my life together k" "I dont love you" "And I dont want to be with you"

Did he even love me? Did my questioning make him not love me anymore? The only reason I kept questioning him was because he became distant and wasn't changing.


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  • Sounds like you annoyed him to the point where he said f it. Don't sweat it and move on. Maybe he's right... maybe you two are on different paths and he's just doing you a favor

    • It just hurt the way he said it, and also in the beginning of the relationship he was the one always questioning me. He would text me 4 - 5 times if I didn't answer right away Saying "did I say something wrong" "are you mad at me" "did I scare you away" and so on all the time. And he would always ask if I really loved him and are we going to be together forever. But I will move on even though its hard to.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to answer my question

    • No problem. Practice this every morning when you get up: look I'm the mirror and talk to yourself... say good morning beautiful, today is going to be a great day!

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  • You know some guys pretend to care then when they get what they want or if they don't get it they begin to treat you like poop like they said dont sweat it there are so so many guys out there for you :) time heals everything


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  • You sound clingy.

    He was probably really busy in life, and you weren't accepting that fact. You asked him loads of times if he still wanted you, he said yes, but you kept going.

    Most men would get annoyed at that.


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