How to get my ex out of my head?(kind of ranting) and has anyone been through this got ADVICE?

The idea that there was once a past relationship consistently circles in my head, well what if i did this, or if i hadn't hung out with my friends maybe she wouldn't have freaked out so much. My relationship with this female felt great for about the first 5 months, i then started to see flaws. I would be constantly beaten to a pulp and have my man-hood thrown to the dogs, simply because i was under the illusion that we mutually loved each other. Clearly we did not. Every time an argument would go through the roof and believe me when i say, i was the one to consistently put out the fires always trying to make everything better. She knew that every time we argued i would get more and more withdrawn from her, yet she continued. It got to the point where it was nearly year 3 of our relationship. I was completely numb, from having to jump over obstacles to avoid the inevitable. I was the shell of a man. I did not feel whole. I find it really sad when she could easily see this yet she didn't help. I tried to tell her, look i like the talks where we can express emotions and not have to act all fake all the time, you know deep talks i received a less than enthusiastic response, in fact she said I can't stand those talks. I quickly came to realize the massive hole i had dug myself into. Letting her get away with so much. The only reason i was able to hang on for so long is because her father who was very standoffish in the beginning of our relationship, treated me like a son, a relationship i will definitely not soon forget. So when the inevitable happens, we break up, I was immediately rocked by what happened i went through the 5 stages of depression it has taken me awhile. I was unable to function, for about a month afterwards, usually drunk off my ass, having beer for each meal and sitting at home realizing what an idiot i had been. I immediately moved 3000 miles away and started a new life, yet i can't get over it. I am 8 months out. Anyone else have a similar situation?


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  • The good news is you know what you want in a relationship and also what you don't want. From what I see she really didn't care about you. Find the right girl, it's an adventure, and your ex will be but a faded memory, guaranteed.


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