Why did he break up with me?

We were together for 7 months - 2 out of those were long distance, but we were happy - he never complained about anything, we were very honest with each other so we never really fought; he said he loved me. I study abroad and we travel back and forth to see each other but when we do see each other its for about a month. When i went back for Christmas he was still fine, but two weeks later he started to become distant, when i flew back for my studies he waited until i had submitted my coursework and then broke up with me.

I asked him why, he gave me many reasons but as we were skyping he admitted he didn't know why he was doing it and that i'm the most important thing to him and that he wants me to stay in his life.

He also said maybe in the future we could be together but i said that i probably would not want to in the future. he replied :you never know.

i'm a little worried about him, he's always angry nowadays

my mum thinks he's doing drugs :P


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  • It could be drugs... Maybe, he met someone else?

    • nah he expressed it many times that he isn't doing this for anyone else

    • Ok You must trust him.

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  • I think that he got bored anymore because of long distance.. I lived a relationship like this but main problem was " long distance " unfortunately. :(

    • i understand LD is hard but we weren't apart for that long... and he would have seen me 3 weeks after the month i spent in Christmas

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  • LDR is a big problem :/

  • I think so he is having a new chick by his side.


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