Did he mean it when he said "I don't love you"?

I broke up with my boyfriend over a misunderstanding because of a lack of communication on his part and I confronted him about it and he it sounded like he didn't want the relationship, so that's why I was ending it.

I asked him if he loved me and he said "I did love you and still do" but since it was a misunderstanding I told him that I still wanted to be with him, but he said he wanted time to think.

I kept questioning the relationship because of his lack of texting/calling me and his responses were always short like but he always said he wanted to be with me.

Everything was fin 3 weeks ago he would text me saying he loved me, wish I was holding you, and then he got distant, but he does work from 12am - 8am and he is tired.

So 2 days later I get a text saying "I need to get myself together K" and I didn't answer right away because I left my phone at home. 35 mins later he texts again "I don't love" and then 20 mins later "And I don't want to be with you" I was so heartbroken and still am because he happened 2 days ago.

Was it my fault or was this something he has been feeling already? Did he really mean what he said or he trying to hurt me?


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  • Lack of communication can really destroy a relationship. Because it is communication that allows you to know where you at mentally and emotionally with this person. One can willingly open up only if they want to even if you try. If he doesn't put effort in texting you, giving you simple replies, no phone call, or just talk about his days or where he's at in life with you then just maybe he's not crazy for you or have some past insecurities.

    Are both you guys communication lacking? Because if you try in person and text, and he doesn't... something about s up

    • I would text him and he always responded within a few minutes, and also last Friday he asked if he could come see me Tuesday and stay for 2 days but he got sick but he still texted me until Tuesday then I got worried and started to question him when I didn't hear from him for a few days. But when he texted me last week he seemed loving he called me "babe" and "love". How could he stop loving me that quick?

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    • When he said "I don't know love" did he mean "I don't love you? " or maybe he meant he's not good at expressing his love, something he's lscking, and maybe he feels you deserve better, so he let you go. I don't know could be many things

    • He said "I dont love you" but 2 days before when I question him if he ever loved me he said "I did love you and still do" so this really confused me when I text me he didn't love me.

  • No he just realizes he doesn't love you


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