Angry at myself because I still hope he'll contact me again. How do I move on?

Any advice is appreciated. 2.5 weeks ago my (ex) boyfriend and I got into a huge argument. I apologised straight after but he's ignored me for 2.5 weeks now (my only contact since the argument was the apology by email because he's overseas).

He never told me he wanted to break up or take a break, just cut all contact. We were together for 7 years it hurts that he would do this to me but I know it's probably his way of telling me it's over. We're in our late 20s.

He's done this once before after an argument a few years ago. I tried to get closure by asking him to be straight with me but he never responded and I still wasn't really over him 3 months later when he came asking to get back together, promising never to make the same mistake etc etc.

Normally I cry after an argument or when he says he wants to break up and it helps me get the feelings out but this time I haven't been able to cry at all. My brain tells me it's over but my heart still hopes that he'll make contact and that really frustrates me :( It's like I'm stuck in denial and can't move on. Tbh I'm still shocked that he's done this again and I've just been in a numb state.

How can I accept it's over so I can just start the grieving process?


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  • it will only happen with time. I had a similar break up with my ex 1.5 years ago. we talk now as friends but im still in love with her and will be for a long time to come. it hurts a lot less than it did, but still wish we were together sometimes.

    My advice is to try and keep busy, Its a cliche, but it does work.

    Despite the feelings i have for my ex, i know it wouldn't work if we were to get back together so the sooner you realise that, the better.

    Sorry, there is no way of making these things any easier :(

    • Thanks for your reply. It must be hard to be still in love with her. I don't think I can be friends with my ex and I really hope that my feelings will have faded in a year's time. Perhaps my problem is I still think it'll work if we were together. We only fought a few times a year and 95% of the time we were completely happy so I don't understand why he's doing this. What made you realize it wouldn't work if you got back together?

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