My ex has been spreading rumors about me, why? what should I do?

So me and my ex broke up about half a year ago now (he broke up with me) and ever since he has been trying to make life difficult for me.
It started off with him getting really annoyed at me because I refused to tell him who I'd slept with since we had broken up. That argument resulted with him telling me to kill myself, and that it was a shame he didn't know anyone who woulld kill me for him.
He started spreading rumors then about apparent abuse within the relationship, about me sleeping with everyone in my town since the break up etc...
He got with someone about 3 months or so after the break up, and I got into a new relationship about a month later.
He imeddiatly came up with several more rumors, involving both me and my partner; saying that we sent people to threaten him at work, that my partner went and beat him up, that we sent people to beat him up. And many more rumors besides.
Of course we haven't reltaliated, we are grown ups, we're amazing happy, and are just getting on with our lives.
But my ex has been spreading these rumors, threatening me with court, threatening me and my partner with police and court; nothing has come of these threats, but still...

Why is he doing this? What should I do? Seeing as neither me or my partner have reacted, and as my ex claims to be the happiest ever with his new girl, i thought he would have gotten bored by now, but apprarently not.


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  • he's a dumbass just go on with your life and ignore this bitch. if you really haven't done anything against him or to threaten his safety when he goes to the police or court they will just laugh at him because there is nothing to charge you with, mind your own business and keep going, sorry you dated such a dickhead


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