Love or just Toxic?

Our relationship: 6 months long, a roller-coaster of emotion, he fell for me fast and I followed quickly. It was very loving and passionate but a lot of fighting. He was a big romantic and loved taking care of me in his little ways. We were the epitome of opposites attract. There were problems (clashing personalities, different backgrounds, his mood swings etc.), but our love always seemed to pull us through.

The Break up: Coming up to Christmas time his emotional mood swings were at their peak. This had happened once before, 3 months previous, and we had nearly broken up but that time we worked on it. This time was different. He texted me completely out of the blue saying that he had been having doubts. When i seen him in person he brushed this off and wouldn’t explain himself. I am devastated. Only a month before hand he had been calling me his wife. A few days later he rings me to tell me he knows he's being mean to me and he feels bad but he doesn't want to spend time with me but doesn't know why. I try to figure out with him why this might be but he has no reasons, no explanation, nothing. I tell him that we can't be together like this but he doesn't want to break up. We've always had problems but the thing that kept us going was our certainty about our feelings for each other. It seemed like a pattern on toxic badness was flowing through our relationship and only getting worse so I ended it.

It's been over a month since and he's still trying to get me back. I love him and miss him but I can't see a way to fix things. He says he doesn't understand why he said the things he said but he’s certain he loves me and says if i need him to change he will. But any time I begin to get into all the little day to day things that had been hurting us all along he doesn't seem to understand.

My question is, is love enough or is this love too toxic?


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  • My view is it is too toxic. I also asked someone a similar question today. Mine was when it's becomes this intense this fast, it can't be a good thing... Can it? And in my heart I know, I know without a doubt it can't. I know, as well as you,. this love is toxic! Good luck: )

    • You're probably right. It's a pity the toxic relationships tend to be the addictive ones! Thanks for the response :)

    • Yw: ) and yet they are soooooo addictive! Good luck

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