He seems completely unaffected! But is he?!

After a week of being officially broken up, my ex has already got a new gf. We talked through emails and he admitted to thinking that I seemed to be happy and moving on, so why shouldn't he? and that he missed me and still cares and I still mean a lot to him. He also says he would love to be mates and remain close. Yet when I talked to him through msn last, we talked about the past but then he went completely off and didn't talk and now he's not replying to the last email.

I'm finding it so hard to move on from him anyway as he always seems to be there! I even dream about him, so I'm now scared to go to sleep because I wake up and start crying!

I know that the best thing I should do is cut off all contact from him, I don't want to as I know it would probably result in me losing him for good, which is what I really really don't want. He also says he doesn't want to lose me completely. But I don't know HOW to be his friend, all I know is how to be his gf.

help me please. I'm practically torturing myself over this, and I feel like I'm breaking :(
He seems completely unaffected! But is he?!
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