Its my ex boyfriend's bday today should I wish him?

We broke up 3 months ago. I tried contacting him 2 weeks back and he completely blocked me everywhere. He was the one who broke up with me saying his family did not approve of me because of the way i look (which i think was a bs excuse). I really miss him i was thinking of private calling him wishing him happy birthday. Should I? or should I not?
should i just ring his phone as private caller but hang up when he picks up maybe he will know it was me?


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  • No, No and No. I did exactly that with my ex girlfriend who I was going out with for 4 years the first birthday she had after we broke up I sent her a card and I didn't hear anything back from her. Honestly save yourself the disappointment of him not acknowledging it.

    • I am sorry:(. but after the break he was stalking me he kept copying the same status updates on whatsapp , typing and deletin then suddenly 3 weeks before i contacted him he deactivated his fb, hid his last login and pic on whatsapp. as if he's non existant. Why did he stalk me after the break up then finally when i initiated contact he blocked me completely?

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    • I couldn't tell you for definite if he's got someone else because I don't know the guy but he's abit of a dick if he said that his parents said that about you. Even if they didn't like you, the relationship isn't between them its between you and him. You're better off without him even though it may take a long time (I'm still not over my ex fully after a year and 6 months) to get over him you will find someone who will absolutely love it to introduce you to his parents and you'll realise what a dick he is. She broke it off with me and she was just horrible basically used me for attention after we broke up which isn't something you do to a person.

    • wow she sounds really messed up. Really i did not call or do anything about it but honestly i noticed that he still has me blocked so yeah he doesn't care about me and now i dont either. why am i running behind crying for someone who doesn't even want me? i think you should also move on and look for someone who will appreciate you and respect you for the person you are. :) thank you for the kind words by the way.

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