Thinking about my ex on valentines day weekend. What to do to help keep mind off her?

My ex whom I still have feelings for has been on my mind now and again since our breakup last month. I'm stuck at home on Valentine's weekend. Can't stop thinking what she will get up to or if she sees someone. This isn't any of my buiseness and I'm no stalker to find out either. But my car is yet to be fixed next week, I currently live out if town and being stuck at home most weekends since the break up hasn't been helping but what can I do to help keep my mind off her till my cars fixed and especially this weekend? I was made redundant from work say week too which won't help either :/
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  • In the same position here so I really sympathise. I'm going to a show on Valentine's day which will probably end up in clubbing after which I am not mad about because I'm not really in that kind of mood. So id say try get out of the house via bus or cycling or walking or planning something with a friend and have them pick you up because being busy is the best help. But also know even when you're busy your mind will probably flit back to your ex and the only thing that I've been told fixes that is time and repeating to yourself the negitaves of the relationship. There is no quick fix unfortunately, but know everyone in a breakup goes through this and eventually gets through it.


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  • What was the reason for the break up? If you two agreed that the relationship wasn't right then you need to move on and be proactive about things.
    If you need to distract yourself and have Steam then I'd be more than happy to play TF2 or DotA or something with you, I'm not exactly in a relationship myself XD