Social media making breakups harder?

It's been a month since I broke up with him and he is still trying to get me back. It's really hard cause i still love him but I don't want to fall back into the same relationship. He says he would change but he doesn't seem to understand some of the things that hurt me. Anyway, he's recently put up an Instagram photo directed at me and I want to respond because I hate ignoring him, I care about him, but I'm also worried that by responding (on Valentine's week) he might read too much into it. The picture is an item he used to wear to symbolise his dedication to me. What hurts is that it only reminds me how much he changed in the relationship because when he cared about that item we were at our best. There's also just a cute toy I gave him for his birthday in the pic so I could just 'like' or comment in relation to that. Or am I just messing with his head too much?
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