Guys: How would you react if your ex wishes you happy birthday but you are not on good terms?

So you dump your girlfriend 3 months ago and maintained good NC meanwhile you stalked her and she did as well. then you completely get off all social media and after a month your ex gf texts you asking how you doing then you completely block her everywhere (this was a month ago). Today is your bday and you see a private number calling/missed call through a private number and you know its her how would you react? what would you do?
he broke up with me because his parents rejected me.
i need help i really miss him a lot. not a single day has passed when i didn't think about him since our break up. can someone help me out please?


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  • I'd ignore too. I wouldn't be happy. I wouldn't be sad. just blank. unless I hate her then I delete and go on with my day


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  • So are you the one that sent the call or are you receiving it?

    • i was thinking of calling him private since he blocked my number.

    • Well why put yourself through that? He seems to have made it crystal clear that he doesn't wanna be bothered. So leave it be.

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  • I wouldn't respond.

    • but what would you think of that? would you care or it won't matter to you?

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    • why won't get back together be a choice?

    • Once a relationship is broken it cannot be fixed and things are never the dame again.

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  • I think that's kinda creepy. Yeah, I'm not a guy.. but seriously:Why did you do that? #nohate

    • i didn't do it yet. he blocked my number thats my only resort to call him private. I don't know why he's doing that to me? i know he loves me and i do too..:( i was thinking of calling him private. last time i tried to initiate contact he didn't pick up my call then he read my msgs and blocked me from everywhere. why is he doing that?

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    • like why would he stalk and type and delete on whatsapp and not reply to me when i message him. its like mind games i am going more crazy!

    • Probably. Or he just want this thing to end between you too.

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