Guys what are the reasons to block your ex gf when you dumped her?

I just wanna know why would you block your ex gf when you dumped her? She was loyal, faithful, never bothersome. Then what reasons can you give to block her?


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  • To not remind pain and suffering (Emotional) again and again due to break up.

    • there was no pain in our relationship. We always had fun. his parents said no to me. so we didn't wanted to break up. or maybe he lied that his parents rejected me?

    • According to your description, I think he had to make a "CHOICE" and he chose his family's side.
      e. g. - Although he loved you (maybe he still loves you), he has to stay away from you because of his family.

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  • Some guys block/ dump a good girl when their guilty for cheating
    i never done none of that stuff to a girl maybe your better off without him

    • Sometimes they block their ex gf so they aren't reminded of her and their trying to block the feelings that could come into mind about her

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    • yeah i think he BS me about the parents crap like how he played mind games stalking me. come on height really? him and they dont seem to give a shit about the person i am, my personality, character, rather focus on height? wow i am just so torn apart at the moment and mind fucked too:(

    • Yes when people don't want be with us
      they will find all excuses to make up
      meaning lies and by the sounds of things
      i don't think your ex bfs parents are that bad
      he could be playing mind games and lying on them

  • Well... if we no longer have a relationship, what's the use of being communicated?


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