Why did he do this? Please read!

It's a sad long lovestory. But you need to know all of it to understand the situation.

I met a boy when I was 17 on a holiday. Since we met we clicked and we had so much in common. We spend the whoke vacation together eventhough we were not there to find love.

But at home we live 2.5 hours away from eachother. We saw eachother like 3 times, but i pushed him away because i was just out of a relationship who cheated on me so i couldnt trust him and we decided to end things.

2 years later i contacted him and he said he was in my city this summer. I agreed with meeting up and things were even better then 2 years earlier. We knew there was something between us that was so unique. He was done with school and after the summer he began working. Im still in college. After 2 months we made. it official and we saw eachother almost every week. He got a new job and we still saw eachother. Everything was great; we had so much in common and were so in love. We treated eachother so good and went to the gym together, had a great sexlife, and i supported his dreams of becoming a proffesional tennisplayer. He was my best friend and i was his. He told his friends that he never met a girl like me and probably never will. We had one silly argument throughout this time and never had a fight.

After 7 months he broke up. He said he could combine the tennis and me anymore. This week before the BU he was being a little distant. It was a total shock to me. He said it really wasn't me, and things were great between us but he just couldnt do it anymore.

Now i see all this pictures of him going out and drinking. doesn't seem like his tennis is THAT important to him? Was this just an excuse?

Will he regret his choice? Im heartbroken and really dont know what to do.


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  • Sounds like an excuse but either way it seems he didn't feel the same way you did or he didn't value the relationship more than his other obligations.


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