Can u fall in love more than once?

I thought i was in love with my gf, but we broke up. I thought i would never get over it, but i did. Is it possible to get over true love? I didn't think so at the time. But after what happened I'm questionif it really was true love. If it was true love, I'd still be devastated right? But then i thought "is it possible to fall in love more than once?" I don't know what the true definition of love is, but when we were dating i treated her with so much love in care. She was the second kost important thing in my life (besides God)- my whole life basically revolved around her. I put her before my friends, i even put her before my own family. I was even willing to die for her (long story). But even through all this, she decided to break up with me. So i guess one of two things happened:
Either i was never in love with her to begin with, or i was truly in love with her, but it IS possible to move on after true love.

So which one of these do u think it was? And can u answer this question... is it possible to experience TRUE love more than once in your life, or can u only feel it once, for one person?
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  • You might love several people, but I think that when you find "the one", all the other times you loved will pale in comparison- so in other words I think you can fall in love and love several people in the lifetime- but I do believe in having one true love.

    • I am still trying to decide wether i believe in "the one" or not, and I'll hav to say that my last gf screwed me up pretty bad, so I'm leaning towards not believing.

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    • I was once told by someone: "there is no "the one" u simply find someone that u care about and who feels the same way towards u and u make it work. U can't just expect to breeze by in a relationship based on the faith that she is 'the one'" And i believed them for a while, it made sense to me... but I'm not sure what to believe anymore. I guess I'll believe in "the one" when i see her with my own eyes.

    • Good luck with that, and I hope you will be able to find her and experience it.

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  • It's been 6 years since I fell for him and I still can't get over him even after he cheated on me.


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  • of course!!!

    there's no limit about it basically

  • What is this thing you call love?
    How do I obtain this 'LOVE'

  • Yes, you can be in love more than once.


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