How can I move on from the guy I can't get over for good?

I fell in love with someone that would never love me back. He made it clear that we wouldn't have a romantic relationship just sex but I thought he was starting to develop feelings because we had one good night filled with passion but the morning after he woked up & acted like we never did it we git into a big fight & ended everything i am completely heartbroken 💔 i thinkin about him 90% of the day & when i hear or see his name, see his Facebook posts my stomach knots up i get emotional & i just want to talk to him we haven't spoke in a week (thats when we ended it) but last night I drunk called him several times trying to hook up & when he kept sending me to voice mail i texted him all my feelings, no reply of course. How can i get over him & get him out of my freaking head :(


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  • I've heard sex can increase the likely hood that feelings will form for a person. Sad fact is, you were just a one night stand to him, and he was, according to you, quite clear on his feelings for you. I can't tell you how to forget about it. All I can say is, keep busy, keep your mind occupied with things so you don't think about it to much. Take a break from FB if you can. Or remove him from your list if that isn't able to be done.

    I faced that, though not as strongly. Knew this girl for quite some time, never liked her in "that way" but we had a one nighter and BOOM, I was hooked, told her I loved her.. her response was "no you don't" didn't hurt me but made me think about what happened. It was that night, the passion, that is all it was, just a great night. Haven't spoken to her for a year now.
    You just gotta think about what he said, 'I don't want anything' or however. Take a moment to yourself and ponder things. Was it really meaningful? Probably to you but not him, it happens, so you gotta do an introspective look at yourself and decide if it was the "friend with benefits" syndrome of falling for someone, that only wanted a good night now and then.

    I feel for you, I do, hang in there, and stay strong.


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  • Take it day by day. Start with getting rid of things that remind you of him and delete him off of Facebook , Instagram and whatever other social media you have. Delete his number from your phone and all the text messages , so your not going back and reading it. You should probably block him too. You don't have to do this all at once but it needs to be done and soon. Allow yourself the time to cry and be hurt but do not just sit in wallow in self-pity. You can cry sometimes but don't go moping around all day listening to sad music. Change it to your favorite up best songs and play that , music can have an affect on your mood. Get yourself out of the house and be busy. Don't have to delve in to the dating world again , especially since you still have feelings for the guy. But flirt , build your confidence back up and when your ready really start going after guys. Lastly you shouldn't do friends with benefits anymore because you are obviously an emotional (not an insult ) person and it's setting yourself up to get hurt. But it gets better just take it a day at a time.


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