Ex partner hides new relationship?

Me and my ex fiance of 5 years and father of my child broke up 10 months ago. He got a new girlfriend about 4months ago but has been very secretive about her whom I found out about though a friend of mine. I've just recently found out it's a very good friend of his who he had a casual f##k buddy relationship years before I met him with. He has never said that he doesn't love me anymore but instead says he loves me but not as strong as he did and says we may possibly get back together in the future. Why would he hide his new girlfriend and go to great lengths for me not too find out when I started going out with him he never hid me away from his ex at all. If he didn't love me then why would he care about me finding out.


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  • I guess its just instinct. He doesn't want to have an uncomfortable conversation.

  • because it's none of your buisness?

    • I know it's none of my buisness, but why lie if he doesn't care about me anymore.

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