Please help Me?

me and my ex have known each other for most of our lives. we have had an on and off relationship but always find a way back. If we got back together we know we would get grief from our families. I love him it just always felt right


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  • using emotions to think. use the pattern instead. on on off relationships tend to eventually be permanently off at some point with the added bonus of ending badly. Im not trying to be negative because I don't know how it is between you and your "ex"... im just doing the same thing im asking you to do. see the pattern.
    Break ups are intense and the more it happens, the more the resentment builds up, thats why most people break up once and don't go back or maybe twice with one person and that ends bad enough. If you don't choose which it will be between the two, it would be chosen for you and the chances are you won't like it.


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  • Firstly, why are you guys breaking up and getting back together? If it feels right?

    Secondly, see it from your families point of view. Sometimes you can't see the situation because you are stuck right in the middle of it. But your family looks from the outside in, giving you advice intended for what's best for you.

    My advice for you, is to hang out with him but do not idealise him. To see him for who he really is, not for what you have made him out to be in your heart and mind. Look at him and actually see him, maybe then you will realise why you guys keep breaking up and maybe you could grow strong enough not to get back with him.


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