Should I give it some good time? According to myself and his family its unusal from him?

we have just broke up for literally no reason and no indication of this coming, we got back together last week after 7 months of not talking and the he came back and i decided to give it a second chance, so in that week we spent the most amazing time together, spoiled me rotten, said how he's learnt his lesson etc and he wants to be with me but wants to take it slow which i agreed, went out last weekend was great all texts have been great too even Monday when it was still good but later that night i knew something was wrong and he didn't speak to me or his family for two days. We eventually got him and he told me to delete his number which is really unlike him! I said what i had to say and he didn't reply, so yesterday i asked if we could talk and he said lets just leave it, im going to work on a new job on Monday it looks big and i dont need any distractions sorry. Now that is bullshit because we discussed this job together and he was more than happy about us having weekend breaks away together and taking it slow that way too. Nothing adds up for me, im so lost in it all, i know him well enough to know he wouldn't come back, say/do everything he has to do this to me, telling me he's happy as a pig in shit etc.. i dont know if he is upset about something and feels he can't tell me just now or doesn't know what to say just now. I am now not going to contact him and give him good space that doesn't mean i hope for us to get back but i know i would like to give him it and help him out whatevers wrong! How long should i give him time and space for? Do you think he will realise maybe that im not texting and think sh**? We have never argued, always got on so well, great laugh with one another! Its just all so odd! Be great if i get good advice :)


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  • Try to move on. Don't wait around for a certain amount of time then contact him. Say what you need to say then leave it alone. You don't know how he feels or what he wants, only he does, and both things can change. Sounds like he got lonely after several months then thought he'd try you again, only to find it wasn't what he wanted.


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