If you got your gf pregnant and u had just broken up with her?

if you got your gf pregnant but didn't know at the time and u had just broken up with her because u don't actually love her even though u always told her u did and u were going out for a month and was and still are a complete dick to her after the break up and are now ignoring her and find out she is pregnant what would u do?
would u want to be part of the babys life if she chose to keep it and would u share the responsibilities and help look after him/her (by look after I don't mean just giving the mum money, I mean actually looking after it)


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  • Would u be part of the baby's life for me yes even if I dont love her I will try to make her feel safe at least

    But it sounds he dont care and will not care I think


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  • Im sure he'll continue to be a complete dick to you unfortunately some guys can be dicks

    • yeah but what would u do personally?

    • My kids mom and I broke up 10 years ago and I'm still in the picture despite the fact that I can't stand her

  • I would offer to pay for the abortion.

    • what if she didn't want an abortion?

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    • Every guy is different. According to US laws, I'm not sure about the UK, the only responsibility a man has to his child is paying for child support. Personally when I was 17, I was focused on getting into college. Thus, I would say I would just pay the money for the moment. After getting into my career would I want to start visiting my child.

    • fair enough

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