How to get over a cold hearted ex that you once was so in love with, but he hurt you more than made you happy? You just wanted a family so bad?

How does a woman get over a guy that she's given long hard years in a relationship and a child, and he's now giving his all to someone else and doing nothing at all for his child? U put in so much work and never got anything after years, but he's going all out for the new chick.


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  • He still should give you money for child support. Anyway, you have to move on. It's like losing a lot in the stock market. The only thing you can do cut your losses and reinvest. That's the only way you can make it up. Reinvest your love in someone else.

  • You choose not to get over it, and rather school yourself, and be determined to never be treated like that again. You build yourself up by surrounding yourself by positive people who you know are on your side


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