How do I get rid of the thoughts of a girl who I think will never be mine?

How do I get rid of the thoughts of a girl who I think will never be mine?


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  • wow, guys and girls alike asking this tonight...

    well like i said, instead of thinking outward, id say it's best to look within yourself as a man and think of your own life. what u want to do, who u wanna be, as gay as that sounds. if u believe there is no chance, u just have to do that hard thing of talking yourself out of thinking about her, because u know that the longer u think of her, the more it'll hurt.


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  • I agree with Tdeiseler. Did you make an attempt? This isn't a movie, dude. You can't just wait for her to walk up to you and ask for your heart. You need to make a move, and if she doesn't accept your feelings, just move on to the next girl. I know it's easier said than done but the reality is that you need to make an effort or you'll never know. Like I heard some dude said once, he's been rejected 10 times but for every 10 times he's been rejected there's that one girl that said, "Fuck it, I'll give him a shot."

    • whew... that story sounded like mine for a second.. then i read "fuck it, i'll give him a shot"

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  • Keywords: "i think"... did you ever try?

    • hmm. so, I'm the traditional type of girl who really is petrified of telling a guy how she feels, and I'm crushing on someone who i feel would never ever love me. complex situation, but yeah.
      with a guy, he can at least try, but what is someone like me meant to do? =/

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    • thank you @Asker

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