I sent my ex flowers anonymously the day before valentines, was it right?

I sent them to her work with chocolate covered strawberries, she dumped me 4 months ago and I am over her, but I wish to get back as she is awesome, I am not really sure why we ended, nothing bad ever happened. she called the flower shop trying to find out who it was, they didn't tell her. should I have told her or tell her if she contacts me, I don't want her to think im pathetic or not over her or trying to buy her back. I simply enjoyed being with her... I don't need her, just want her.


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  • Uh, no you are NOT over her, because you wouldn't be doing any of this otherwise.

    • ok true, I am however over the hurt.

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  • If you truly still have feelings for then tell her she may still have feelings for you too but sometimes women will wait on the man to contact us first, so tell her you sent them you have nothing to lose by telling her.

    • She left me for Buddhism and a few months later we were corresponding and I was looking for answers and she just simply said that I was not her "forever" and that we lived our daily lives in different ways and that she/I needed a break

    • so that is why I am remaining anonymous.

    • Oh I see, well then just don't tell then but if you and her ever get back together then you can tell her

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