Not sure what I should do next, ex boyfriend sending mixed success signals?

So me and my ex broke up 5 months ago, his reasons were cuz of me possibly moving one day and difference in religious beliefs. We're seniors in college. His friends were also getting way to possessive and controlling of us and wanted him to themselves. We were in nc for about 2 months. He wanted to remain friends after we broke up rlly bad but I didn't think I could do it , ecsp after finding out how he hooked up with someone else. I've recently decided I'd b ok with being friends cuz we go to same school together. He told my friend he'd still like to be friends and said wishes things were better but doesn't think he could help? We talked for a week straight and I invited him to come meet at a school even since he was thinking of going and his friends didn't want to. He declined offer cuz of party at their house but thanked me for the offer. (I'm sure it was cuz we haven't seen or tlkd in forev too) I didn't reply cuz got busy over the weekend and he hasn't contacted me. There is no sign of gf or anything like tht. I dnt understand y we wanted to be friends so bad but now nothing is happening? My sure what to do now.


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  • Guys wanna stay friends with an ex to keep them around if there is a chance of hooking up again. You're better off leaving that relationship in the past and not trying to be friends because you aren't allowing yourself to move on, with an ex in your life. It's doesn't matter if he's at the same school, you don't have to chat and hang out.

  • Sounds like nothing you should preoccupy your mind with. Close that chapter and move on


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