Should I contact my ex I need closure?

So I initiated the breakup over a misunderstanding and then I told him I still wanted to be with him but 2 days later said he didn't love me. Another 2 days later he texts me saying sorry, and called me and told me he loved me and then said he didn't. He asked if I missed him and I said yes and he said You'll see me again, and I said no I won't and I was crying and he kept saying yes you will and he said you give up too easy fight for it. But he hung up on me like 3 times and then the last call I told him I loved him and he kept saying "no you don't" and the hung up and wouldn't answer his phone after that.

I still need closure he was so confused and I just need to make sure of things so I can truly move on because I'am so heart broken.

by the way We broke up on Tuesday, and he called me yesterday


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  • It seems you both are being a little petty or silly over things that don't matter. I doubt you will get real closure but you two will keep on playing these games for a little while.


What Girls Said 1

  • Write a letter explaining everything.


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