Why would my cheating ex gf that left me for someone else add me on fb then cancelled the friend request?

We broke up couple months ago and she got with someone else right away and I cut all contact with her months ago, why would she do that? It was was my birthday and Valentine's day she did not wish me a happy birthday?


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  • She was probably checking ur timeline and clicked add friend by mistake so she just cancelled it. It happened to me before :P

    • Its bothering me n been on my mind ever since. She broke up with me n was cold to me I left her alone n let her be happy with her new relationship BC she acted really cold and made it seem like I was the one that mistreated her n I hurted her but she was cheating on me behind my back, why would an ex still do that after that kind of break up and what do you mean by it happen to you

    • I mean i once sent a friend request to someone i hate by mistake and then cancelled it... i don't know, maybe she was just curious about u, i mean, u meant sth to her. So she said why not check out what he's up to

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  • She's being a bitch and trying to fuck with your head. She wants you to be confused.


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  • because my dog is cute!