Am I wasting time?

Hi everyone,

I am at a complete loose end. My boyfriend of nearly two years broke up with me just over five weeks ago as he didn't want to commit to something so serious at 22(now 23) and he wanted to reclaim his independence and be on his own for a while and focus on his work. He said he loved me and cared for me but has had to cut me out of his life in order for me to move on. He was/is my everything and I cannot just walk away. I pestered him for a few days but realise this isn't what he wants as he wants space and a lot of it. I went three weeks no contact and then texted him apologising for spending far too much time with him and that I respect his reasons etc. He responded telling me not to beat myself up and that he's glad I'm ok and we will speak soon etc. A couple of days later I sent him another text followed by another three a few days after that one as his message didn't allow me to understand where his heads at. I felt like he owed me a conversation and an establishment of where I stand in his life so I can fully move on. Of course he didn't reply. I realiae messaging was pointless and making me feel awful due to rejection. It's been another week since then of no contact. I feel like I have been thrown away like I am nothing. Have I ruined my chances of getting back together with him by harassing him? I wish I knew whether we had a future together but I know that this is something I cannot predict. He gave me security comfort and happiness like I have never experienced.

Any help would be appreciated, I am absolutely devastated.



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  • That is horrible. I am sorry to see you had to experience something like that. But if there were any chances "ruined" here, it wasn't because of your messages. Choosing to break up with someone takes a lot of thought... So in the end, this was his choice, and there isn:t much you can do about it. Sorry.

    • Thanks, but he insisted that it was nothing to do with me and I was the 'perfect girlfriend' and he won't give me a straight answer. It's like he is trying to keep his options open. Do you know what though, I've accepted the break up I just cannot accept not having him in my life. No one is compatible, I care so much for him and I have never ever had that sort of attraction to anyone else. He really was something special and it pains me thinking of the last day I saw him when I got my stuff. I cried to him for twenty minutes but then he made it seem so much better and I just would die for that hug again. I have been asked on four dates since and I couldn't even think about accepting and I don't think I can let go of him

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