Instagram cheater?

Okay so a while ago I noticed my girlfriend's behavior was different she would not call as much and text as much. I could tell someone was taking up her time. I look on Instagram and notice she was liking a guy's pictures over and over, pics with his shirt off regular pictures etc. when I got off work that day I went up to her and ask to see her phone she was defensive immediately. She grabs my phone goes through it all the time no problems all the time. So when I do go though it I find text messages back and forth. They were asking each other where they lived. I was upset and didn't want to argue about it. I tried to leave but She made it into a big argument and in the end when it was all over she says she won't do anything to make me think she being unfaithful again. I didn't believe her. She deleted his number told him she couldn't talk to him because it's causing problems in her relationship. She thought it was ok to get his number in the first place because we know him and he's a mutual friend. That didn't matter to me. Fast forward to about 6:30 on February 15 I go on Instagram and see the same thing likes exchanged which makes me think the same thing is going on. I can't keep repeating my feelings about it to her because it's like she doesn't listen or doesn't care even though she says she loves me. Now I'm like fuck love. I feel disrespected and I'm on the verge of ending this three year relationship over Instagram likes. What are your thoughts?


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  • Don't let Instagram ruin your relationship.
    I get she's in the wrong, but were the text messages you saw before flirty? Saying anything they shouldn't be?

    I'd calmly discuss how you're feeling with her before you make any decision. You don't just make a rush decision on a 3 year relationship.
    Good luck!


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  • honestly can't stand dishonesty and going behind people's back. once that trust is violated it's over in my eyes and that trust is NEVER earned back. it's always in the back of my mind. because of this, now that I'm older, I end relationships pretty much immediately when a girl doesn't come clean when confronted.


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  • End it and walk away for good.


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