Will my boyfriend come back to me?

My boyfriend stopped initiating contact 2 weeks bak. He doesn't ignore me but he wouldn't come and meet me or call or texts. He replies to my texts politely like nothing is wrong. After a week I asked him to talk to me and I explained that him not making an effort to talk is killing me inside. He said he was having problems so I left it at that. Then 3 days went by and still nothing. So I texted angry msgs to which I apologized later cuz it didn't seem right. He said it was ok. Said he loved me. Then the same cycle continued and 4 days later I asked him to meet me in person. He said he couldn't. Said there was a problem. When I called hum that night. He said his cousin was in the hospital so that's y he couldnt come.(ps his house is just 10 mins drive from my place) . I couldnt take it anymore so I broke it off to which he replied its my call. Do you think he 'll come around and miss me.
Thanks. Yea I thought he was gonna tell me about the problems he had 2 weeks back you know around the time why he acted distant. But no he had to come up with some lame excuse as to why he couldn't meet me that day. The way he acts I feel like he thinks im at fault since I was the one who broke it off.


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  • nope :/ he doesn't care and i dont think his cousin is really in the hospital (or if he is then thats not the real reason) because he would have said so in the first place to prevent all this hurt and drama for you and probably would have come and seen you for comfort.

    it sounds like he's hiding something else or he's not into the relationship anymore and was too cowardly to break it off, so acted distant hoping you would.

  • nope. it's your call means he dosent give a fuck. if he did then he would be begging you back or at least consulted a bit


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