Help is it completely over?

Basically my bf split up with me claiming that we are "two different people" that was nearly a month ago. We were together 18 months is there any way I can make this work? I feel like I've lost my best friend


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  • i'm sorry it didn't work out for you... you should probably move on if it's been a month and he hasn't called you. I know I would...

    • Yeah your probably right?

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  • Tell him u feel like u have lost ur best friend. Let him know that u would still like to remain in contact. Explain to him the way the split has made u feel. ...

    • He's so stubborn he would probably just brush my feelings off the thing is I don't want to be friends with him if that makes sense we were together as partners so I don't really know how to act with him "friends zone"

    • Are u open to being friends with benefits with him? I mean I totally get where u r coming from... men tend to brush off our feelings. I think he is hurting on the inside. Maybe he doesn't even understand the way he's feeling and this is why he stated he doesn't wanna talk to u face to face. Maybe he is unsure of how he'll behave (if u catch my drift;) Just be open to the fact that anything is possible... but in order to find out the endless possibilities u will have to communicate with one another

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  • Talk to him and find out wht makes you two so different?

    • I have tried he won't speak face to face with me says am going to try and change his mind? He we work together and he spent the whole week off "sick" I called to see if he was ok and he said yeah I asked how he felt and he said it's not easy but he has people keeping him busy I don't really know where to go with this surely we can't be that different if we spent 18 months together?

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