He breaks up with me and then posts that he's sad on social media?

He broke up with me and refused to work it out. Then I hear from a friend that he posted how sad he was on a social media site that same day. I'm not going to lie, this made me a little angry. Why is he posting how sad he is, if he was the one who chose to end it in the first place? (I told him I would have done anything to make the relationship work)


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  • Just because he was the one to break up with you, doesn't mean he cannot be sad about the end of a relationship.

    He most likely re-evaluated the whole time you have been together and decided that it would be for the best to part ways. Breaking up is hard, especially if you have been together for quite some time. Even if there is resentment and contempt there, he still had feelings for you because of all the time you spent together.

    Doesn't mean he wants to work on things, but his sadness is not unfounded.


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  • A break up can still be sad regardless of the initiating. I don't think you should angry unless he was saying bad things about you.

    Sometimes a breakup can just be for the best and two people are honestly good people and not meant to be. Maybe he saw you as a good person and just couldn't see himself with you. You never know. If you assume bad things, bad things will happen.

  • It might not be about you.

    • It was something really obvious.

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    • I don't tell people what they hear, i state facts, truths and expose angles people aren't looking at.
      can i say what you want to hear? yes. but how would that help You?

    • Agreed.

  • Humans have compex emotions..


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